Avadi [ah’-vuh-dee] -  To show or practice kindness.

Avadi Leaders offers talent development services to individuals and technology companies. From coaching to help leaders to leverage their strengths and have a bigger impact, to bespoke training programs, team building, and career coaching to help you move forward in your career or make a pivot to an entirely new one.
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Research shows that companies that promote the ethic of compassion rather than a culture of stress, see a happier workplace and an improved bottom-line.


We think work should be an opportunity to cultivate new skills, grow as people, and contribute to something meaningful.  When people are aligned with their strengths, taking responsibility for themselves, and practicing kindness, great things happen.



We work with technology companies and leaders within those companies to create the conditions for people to do their best work. This includes helping leaders create safety and trust, leverage strengths, and inspire their people to perform at their optimal level.



We're data-driven and measure impact based on the metrics you care about.  Our approach is informed by best practices from organizational learning, neuroscience, emotional and social intelligence, and mindfulness.   


The best leaders we’ve worked with are those who lead with kindness and compassion for people, even in difficult situations.