Custom Training Programs


Avadi Leaders offers a  range of programs and services in the areas of training, leadership development, and team building.  

With 11 years of experience designing learning solutions Avadi can design, delivery, and facilitate bespoke training programs in the following areas.  We can also help you translate your classroom training to elearning to scale more effectively. 


Partner with Avadi to build training for your company on:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leadership Development
  • Mindfulness @Work
  • Coaching for Managers
  • Sales Training using consultative selling

Leadership Development


What does it means to be a great leader in your company?    

If you’re a new manager leading a team for the first time it can feel overwhelming. Even experienced managers feel the added challenges of leading in today’s highly complex and rapidly changing environment.  From the need to scale quickly without sacrificing quality, to the challenges of leading virtual teams, or the need to do more with fewer resources. There are people and organizational issues to manage daily and the pressure to deliver better results for your customers.  

With the right training, tools, and support you can feel confident in your ability to lead and impact people in a positive way.  Avadi leaders take time to understand your context and unique leadership challenges first.  



Imagine feeling satisfied with the job you’re doing as a leader?



Avadi leaders can partner with you to help you:


  • Use your strengths to have a bigger impact
  • Build a great team that gets more done
  • Use time and resources strategically
  • Improve your focus
  • Solve complex problems
  • Manage different types of people
  • Respond rather than react in challenging situations

Avadi is dedicated to helping leaders be the best version of themselves. We use a data-driven and strengths based approach to help you focus on the right things and activities drawn from emotional and social intelligence, neuroscience, mindfulness, we’ve seen applied at companies like Google and Facebook.

The journey to building leadership skills starts from the inside out. Here’s how it works:


Step 1:

Assess your readiness.

Step 2:

Define the impact you want to have, set goals, and identify your strengths, and values.


Step 3:

Gather data on how your current leadership style impacts your team and wider company.

Step 4:

Build business case for change.


Step 5:

Get into action, test and observe the impact of different approaches and fine tune

Step 6:

Measure and report progress.

Avadi Leaders

Team Effectiveness


What would it be like to to have a high-performing team you feel confident in?


Every team periodically needs a reset and building great teams takes ongoing effort.

Whether you’re a new team, growing quickly and need to bring new members into the fold, or you’ve noticed something is getting in the way of productivity, we can help you evaluate what’s needed to get you on track.

We are committed to working with teams to create the conditions for people to feel valued, and do their best work. This includes helping leaders create safety and trust, encourage ownership and collaboration, leverage people’s strengths,  improve communication, and resolve conflicts. 

In our work together, you’ll have a blueprint of your team and a plan of action for leading them.

How it works:


Step 1:

Meet and discuss where you are today, your goals for your team, and how we’ll measure progress.


Step 2:

Learn about the strengths and preferences across your team using one of the top assessment tools. (DiSC, Stand-Out Strengths assessment, HBDI, Enneagram, ).


Step 3:

Receive a report summarizing the results and discuss recommendations.


Step 4:

Host a meeting customized to your teams needs to get everyone aligned and working well together.


Step 5:

Evaluate in 6 months, report progress, and make any course correction that is needed.